Monday, October 6, 2008

The Umno Deputy Presidency: Are these candidates for real?

I know Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, the young MP for Pulai and son of former Information Minister Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat.

We used to discuss local politics over a meal when I was still the News Editor of the New Straits Times. He wasn't a Parliamentarian then. When I left the newspaper, I stopped getting the ocassional calls that I used to get from him. I did try to call him on several ocassions, but I never got through.

I have not spoken to him for about 4 years now. But I have been keeping tabs on his political career. The last I heard was that he was finding it difficult to even get sound support from his own division - Pulai.

So when I heard that he had offered himself for the post of Deputy President, I almost fell off my chair.

To me, Jazlan has not attained political puberty for him to even vie for the position of a normal Umno Supreme Council seat, let alone the post of Deputy President.

The post of Deputy President is an important one. The Umno Deputy President also by tradition holds the second most powerful position in the country, the Deputy Prime Ministership.

It requires someone with vast experience in politics and administration, highly educated and knowledgeable, should be credible, should have the ability to be a good salesman, should be able to deal with both the local and foreign Press, should be good enough to succeed the Prime Minister and has the potential of becoming a Statesman, should have a good command of both English and Bahasa Malaysia and most of all, should not be an international embarrassment.

Jazlan may just be trying to prop up his name for bigger positions by throwing in the idea of him contesting the No 2 post, but by doing that, consciously or unconsciously, he is making a mockery of this important position.

I am not saying that Jazlan is not a Deputy President material. But it will certainly take him a good decade or so before he qualifies.

If I were him, I will focus on strengthening my position at the divisional and State levels before I aim any higher.

While in the subject of the Deputy Presidency, I am also quite disturbed by the fact that Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Ali Rustam have offered themselves for the post of Deputy President.

Both Zahid, with whom I had worked with when I was a journalist, and Ali do not have the sufficient background to become Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister. What outstanding contributions have they made to the country to deserve this important position? Are they better than all the other Umno Supreme Council members? Also worrying is the fact that they can hardly speak English.

Simply picture them speaking with President Barrack Obama with the aid of an interpreter. That will be the first for our country. God save us.


Anonymous said...

Zahid is planted by the out-going robbers to protect them while Ali Rustam, having garnered the highest votes last season, is truly optimistic while Jazlan just wants to be the next Johor MB.

Anonymous said...

That leaves either Mahyuddin or Rais. But these two, given their respective ages must be prepared to accept that in all probability they will not end up being the PM.

It will be left for Hishamuddin to figure it out.

Keroncong Lover.

Musang Terbang said...


Save your thought for yourself!

It is either Muyhiddin Yasin or Zahid Hamidi.

Let Zahid try all the way. We are quick sick of UMNO control by the Mamak Malay & the Southern Malay.

Let the Malay in between try!

Al said...

Hi All ....
I can't agree more with your views ... No lah PLEASE ... Not Zahid, Jazlan nor AR (Ali fellow!) we had enough of a laughing stock of PM & DPM ... these people are giving Malaysia a 'funny' & idiotic outlook. Rest of the people in the world are not impressed ... they are viewing us Malaysian with our 'dozzy-dreamy inclined' leaders are becoming a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Remember how Phillipines were like with the actor President ... well we here pun with our sleepy-head & bombastic-DPM.
Zahid when he was Deputy Info Minister ... went on the air (BN linked media of course) try to show his 'brilliantness' to discuss about our petroleum (oil) ... our 'sweet crude' is being used only for jet fuel ... too good to consume domestically ... brilliant!
NO lah PLEASE ... we're going to put these bunch of 'id*#+' as our "Numero Dua" ... god almighty ... we must be really running out of better people! 51 years of Merdeka ... 27 million population ... we have to settle for the likes of Zahid, Jazlan & AR?? We really are in deep shit!! Wasalam.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think the deputy umno president will become the DPM? Don't you know Umno is losing its power and will lose the government soon?

The fact that Ali Rustam (biggest joke) and Zahid Hamidi (another joke) want ot become DPM is good enough for every Malaysian to vote the BN out. There are simply not enuf talen in BN to rule the country.

I hope Ali Rustam gets elected as deputy president and goes on to become the DPM. GE 13 will be like soup for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

So Musang Terbang has no qualms about UMNO led by a Javanese from Bagan Datuk? Is Musang a Javanese himself? Must musang be so parochial?


kluangman said...

Dalam keadaan 'tertekan' dan debaran menunggu pengumuman Dolah, elok rasanya kita dihiburkan oleh pelawak2 politik tempatan.

Anonymous said...

First you said this: "To me, Jazlan has not attained political puberty for him to even vie for the position of a normal Umno Supreme Council seat, let alone the post of Deputy President."

Then you said this: "I am not saying that Jazlan is not a Deputy President material. But it will certainly take him a good decade or so before he qualifies."

Macha, what is it you are saying? Why do you even bother writing anything?

Ashraf said...


You have trouble understanding English? The word "material" refers to future. If you tell me when your next birthday is, I will get you a dictionary.

Jazlan is not ready to even hold a Supreme Council position, but that does not mean he cannot develop into a good politician one day.

With experience, training, perseverance, he can one day be Deputy President or even President. That will take a decade or so.

Anonymous said...

Humility should be the first quality of any candidate for this position - in fact, for any leadership position.

Whoever is the most humble and with the attitude of servitude, should be the next Deputy Prime Minister.

Ishmael Ben Canaan

DNL said...

Though he has since pulled out from the race but the facts remain Zahid has had made himself a laughing stock for a while. Same goes to ali rustam who failed to realised his own strength while offering himself and for the bloke from kulai needless to say only GOD knows what in his brain.

However cheers to the CLOWNS and I hope , sincerely hope that DS Najib would someday bring some good to UMNO and Malaysian as a whole regardless race and religion to govern back what was once lost. To TSMY good luck we need people you, to Datuk Mukriz I hope you would garner enough votes to riddle through the shithead dirty politics.

To Indians be brave and head on with Samy Vellu ask him how you people got deprived in the first place the rest is history.