Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kickbacks for the Kicker?

I have been receiving many emails over the last week or so on the same subject matter. The authors of these email claim that there are bloggers under the payroll of one of the leaders of an Opposition party who is eager to become Prime Minister.

The E-mails claimed that these bloggers have been paid a large sum of money, and even a retainer, to discredit Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. The aim is to prevent Najib from becoming Prime Minister. The person who is paying these bloggers does not want Najib to become Prime Minister simply because he is capable of repairing the damage done by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and returning Umno and Barisan Nasional to their original strength. If that happens, the Opposition will be buried.

In the absence of pure facts and substance, these bloggers resort to lies. They can even come up with absurd theories like those linking Najib and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shahibuu. I was told that Raja Petra Kamaruddin was one of those who was being paid. In RPK's case, it was quite obvious. But now that he is serving a two-year term under the Internal Security Act (ISA), the money is going to another blogger.

I didn't believe it at first. But when I read his latest posting under the heading "We Know What Najib and Spouse Did Last Raya", it has become quite obvious.


Knights Templar said...

Bro , most top bloggers have a political agenda and a political Boss... they do report for somebody and to somebody.Since the internet is the perfect tool of the day,i wouldnt be suprised if most of them are on the payroll .Since non of them are Uniformed background,i dont buy the shit that they are doing it for "guts and glory" or for the "perjuangan Bangsa dan Negara".Some are blatant in their so called factual reporting without a shread of evidence.End of the day i figure its berapa you boleh sendai sama gua.Ever wonder why Anwar's deafening silence over the RPK ISA issue is not mentioned by the Pakatan Bloggers ?
Thanks for the space and Shalom !

kijangmas said...

The "paid" bloggers are readily identifiable. They spin current issues into the agenda of their boss(es). Plus they will relentlessly attack the opposing camp.

The "perjuangan bangsa dan negara" blogs are now mushrooming at the rate of a couple dozen a day. These are Malays tired of the toothless leadership and the blatant provocations of the minorities.

99% are not on anybody's payroll as these are the not so articulate "amateurs," mostly youths and pensioners venting their anger at the non-Malays.

Demi Negara.

ANI said...


apanama said...

Kicker is WhoSome's 'keep', while WhoSome and ThePig (Babi) are rolling on the same bed.

So who is the Kicker?

Anonymous said...

Bro jejak Pujangga..

Salam. You say you were a journalist once upon a time in your life circle.

Should not one especially a journalist, be a fair player? In other words analyse every piece of information received instead of claiming straight away that it was tainted or colored with motivations etc etc etc...

Or is it that your present circumstances are such that your previous journalistic ethos are no longer relevant ?



4 Oct 2008

Suci Dalam Debu said...


I am not at all surprise that you abhor bloggers leaning towards the opposition.

Being a product of the NEP system and after many years with the MSM, your brain could not tell the lies often spun by TV#, TV1, Utusan Malaysia, NST etc. Why don't you question if the taxpayer's money is used to support the MSM?

So RPK is on the take and deserves to be ISA? Come on bro, you can do better than that. Stop insulting the intelligence of the rakyat. Maybe you are jealous that RPK writes a lot better than you or command more respect, I don't knowlah.

Kuman di seberang lautan nampak, gajah bertenggek kat hidung, kau nak tahu.

Wake up and be a man. Do the right thing.

Omong said...

I wonder how much can a lie fetch?

The more damage the lies can muster, the higher the pay?

Endorsements and advertisements will go broke.

nstman said...

Ashraf, the rumour mill has it that you are secretly planning to worm your way back into the NST once Najib assumes power. Your sentiment seems to lend credence to allegations. You and I know that once Kali is booted out of NST there will be a new setup in the company. Can I safely assume you will be given an influential post? If that is the case, I hope you will carry out a wholesale purge of elements allied to this bastard called Brendan Pereira. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with Ashraf, you ex reporters are so used to spin writings that you dont see and care of the actual truth. All your life you could have been on the spin docs payroll, so only god knows that you could be the one being used by some UMNO leader or leaders to tarnish the image of real issue bloggers. Anyway, kickdefella has already been charged for sedition. So goes for RPK but in the end why di they have top rely on ISA. Why did they not persecute him and tear him open in 'open' courts rather then hide behind the ISA veil.
Our govt leaders always bash USA for having the Patriots Act, something like ISA. But remember those detainees are not political prisoners and they are not bloggers and not anti govt and they are not even CITIZENS OF USA. They are citizens of foreign regimes who are having problems with their own people and they do themselves a favour by linking their own citizens to terrorism so they can put them away with the help of some superpowers. If you notice most of the Muslim countries are the roque regimes who for their own survival will do anything to their own citizens.
Look at AMERICA, their own government political party reps stand against their own party boss because they want to have clear concious and dare to stand on their own principals. Good issue was the 700 billion Bailout deal. CAN BN REPS DO THAT. NO?
So please Mr. Blogger, I dont know under whose payroll you are,so dont accuse people who are already victims of the system you apeak on behalf. I suggest that Rocky Bru do some investigations against your background to check on the ground you stand. You could be under somebodys payroll afterall, you were before you joined the blogging comunity.

zv said...

Bro Ashraf...

Please do not tell me you didnt see the obvious?

Unless one blogs to tell their life story or what we termed as "hepi-hepi" blogging which serve no purpose to the others, most bloggers have an agenda, period.

Most of these "tentera upahan" uses another blog to "earn their upah la"...some are blatantly doing the end of the day and like knights templar said, its all about cari makan la...

What is blogging to cari makan when some ppl uses news website for the same purpose? That was helluva earning a living la...


kijangmas said...

Suci Dalam Debu said: "Ashraf,... Being a product of the NEP system ..."

Yes, Ashraf and others may be "a product of the NEP."

But the non-Bumis languishing in Malaysia today are ALSO "products of the NEP."

The Bumis got preferential treatment. The non-Bumis got the right to continue existing in this country.

If no NEP?

Sure, there'll be equal rights for all because they'll hardly be any non-Bumis left -- the poor angry Bumis would have "done an Indonesia" and either assimilate or expel you people from Malaysia.

So pleeez, don't view the NEP from your own little bigoted telescope. The NEP was not about a Bumi free ride agenda; its about the long-term survivality of the non-Bumi minorities in this country.

kluangman said...

Pecah dan perintah merupakan dasar yang masih diteruskan dalam pelbagai segi supaya rakyat tidak melihat apa jua agenda tersembunyi untuk mereka kekal berkuasa atau mahu merampas kuasa. Mereka mencaturkan segalanya, bagi mereka, ini permainan, mengumbang ambingkan rakyat dengan tindakan mereka dan kemudiannya melancarkan satu plan kesejahteraan adalah retoriknya.

Prasangka kaum diteruskan dengan mengujudkan puak pelampau untuk mendesak, Hindraf adalah anak didik Samy Vellu yang terlepas kandang dan lawan towkey akibat dasar kuku besinya sendiri.

Bloggers juga berperanan memporak perandakan ekonomi dan politik Malaysia, mereka disogokkan berita dan kemudian 'dibayar' untuk mensensasikan berita, mereka dibayar untuk menulis yang benar sehingga akhirnya mereka menulis 'semua yang dibayar' tanpa sedar mana satu berita yang benar dan palsu. Masuk lokap atau penjara atau bakal ISA bagi mereka sekadar satu 'tingkat' dan status untuk 'demand' bayaran yang lebih tinggi. Mereka masuk 'sekolah' untuk terus berani dan kebal dan bebal. Mereka dibayar untuk duduk di 'ranking' yang tertinggi dan berpengaruh. Bloggers yang belum pernah kena 'cekup' dianggap less class, belum cukup masak, belum cukup hempuk.

Hari ini sesuatu yang 'buruk' atau 'antik' akan dibayar dengan harga yang lebih tinggi dari yang benar dan betul.

Anonymous said...

Ashraf an NEP product?! HAHAHAHA

Brudder, I hope you are not peeing in your pants reading that comment. LOL


Anonymous said...


What you believe in or do not believe in is not important. Only the truth will be known to our maker and proven in the courts of law, that is if we still have a functioning and fair justice system.

Suci Dalam Debu said...


So you agree with NEP in its present form?

What makes you think only NEP can help the less fortunate?

Siapa yang sebenarnya menjadi petualang kepada Melayu? UMNO or non-bumis?

GOD help this country.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

One group is being spoilt rotten by the NEP and think it is their birth right to be given handouts. Not sure if this is haram in Islam?

Another group really deserves to be given handouts so that they can learn to stand on their own.

Another one got no choice but to reinvent themselves to stay relevant, work very hard to stay competitive and has to shut-up and close one eye just because they are numerically inferior.

Ask yourself which group you belong to.