Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Opposition papers, blogs are even more biased

Why is everyone attacking my friend Rocky? Wasn't he right when he said that members of the Opposition parties, who are in the habit of saying that the mainstream media are biased, but at the same time do not see the biasness of the media that supports them, are now quick to file lawsuits against the newspapers.

I see this as a Opposition way of intimidating the mainstream media.

Theresa Kok has filed a RM30 million dollar suit againt Utusan Malaysia on the Azan issue. I agree with Rocky that this is becoming a trend. Another Opposition leader is also suing the newspaper on another issue.

To the Opposition, their own publications and pro-Opposition blogs can say whatever they want. The DAP's Rocket says all sorts of nasty things about the Government, but that's ok. The Suara Keadilan carries blatant lies about anything and everything, that is also ok. Harakah reports untruths all the time. That is also ok.

But we don't see Barisan Nasional leaders or Government officials suing them, do we?

Tian Chua, in a hurry to get a Parliament seat, published a doctored picture of Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak seated next to murdered Mongolian Altantuya Sharibuu. That was not only defamatory, but a criminal offence. But did Najib sue? Tian Chua later admitted doctoring the picture.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin's Malaysia Today carried all Sorts of lies about Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib, but did they sue? In fact, I know someone who said 80% of the contents of Malaysia today, are lies. But the Government tolerated. Until of course, Raja Petra began to publish blasphemous comments on Islam and started to publish articles detrimental to Malaysia's multi-racial composition. That, no Malaysian should tolerate.

Kickdefella, who works for Pas' Husam Musa also carried lies about Najib in his blog. But did Najib sue? Husam, by the way is Anwar's strongest supporter in Pas.

You see the link?


Anonymous said...


Raja Petra Kamaruddin's Malaysia Today carried all Sorts of lies about Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib, but did they sue?
Memang dia tak sue RPK, even worse kena ISA........adil ker macha.


Anonymous said...

If u dare to write be prepare to face the consequences. If u thnk the opposition is falsely sayng thngs then sue them. If u dont means somethngs must be true. It is very obvious your fren is targeting something in the near future. Perhaps u too is in??? I leave my comments until then. Siapa makan cili.....

Anonymous said...

Let's pray for unity and peace. Let's stop critising each other. Love each other

Maputo Wong

nstman (nst whore) said...

It's an open secret Rocky has been slated to be the generallisimo of the NST. And you, Ashraf, will probably be his deputy. It's good that Rocky has finally exposed his true credentials. Rocky has finally realised there is gold in them Umno hills. Pse correct me if I am wrong, my good friend Ashraf. And pse dont be carried away.

Anonymous said...

Have you for once considered that Najib and Pak Lah did'nt sue coz what was said maybe true?

But in Theresa's case she is suing coz what was said about her was all lies. Let the courts decide.

Btw, dont prostitute yourself lah bro... we are not stupid u know..


Anonymous said...

Mainstream media = government's weapon to fool the people. What is "freedom of speech" to them? All of them, especially those at the top, are just lick as**es and morons who never even know how to spell the word "truth". We need the mainstream to tell the stories---real stories, and not the spin ones! Its the common hatred towards the mainstream! Who reads Utusan anyway? Why do people turn to blogs? Why we need blogs nowadays, especially here? Why people like you write blog, anyway?

azienmat said...

Macha Fareez, siBotak kena ISA sebab fitnah Altantuya Ke? adil ke you cakap ini macam macha.

Kelong Jimmy said...

There we go again, people throwing s**t at mainstream media at their convenience. Come on people, wise up.
Everybody forgot the basics. Look at the bloody facts. Has RPK provided any proof or evidence on anything claimed in "Let's send Altantuya's murders to hell"? Listening to people is good, but taking hearsay as gospel truth is wrong and dangerous not only to yourself, but others as well.
Some blogs are behaving as if we're in a lawless state. You can't, anywhere on earth, accuse somebody of being involved in MURDER and not bloody provide evidence to your claims. Most of everything is based on hearsay, but I guess they've managed to fool quite a portion of the masses.
As for the ISA, you bloody well know in advance that it can be invoked on you if you do not toe the line in writing that goes public. But you still do it, just to challenge the law. What are you then? Not a rebel? Oh yes, the mainstream media is the one spreading bullshit, right? Phhtuihh!!
You question the law, but also choose not to abide at the same time. What is this?
Now, you tell me Anonymous at 1:50PM, the so-called PR blogs and Malaysiakini do not spin anything?
I seriously think you too have spun your comment.
Freedom of speech comes with responsibility. If we can't all collectively use it responsibly, then we'll all collectively lose it. And we're bound to lose more than just freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashraf,
Which is more democratic, to sue or to close down an entire newspaper. Remember oops lalang? STAR, Sin Chew?
Were these papers carrying lies? Remember Ku Li and the Kadazan head-dress he wore when Pairin presented it to him. Berita Harian played up a front page story of Ku Li....remember. Ashraf, be rational not emotional. Rocky is your friend, but please call a spade a spade. People will respect you a lot more.

A Malaysian

kluangman said...

Originalitinya pemimpin 'pembangkang' tidak punya nilai untuk menjadi kerajaan seperti yang ada sekarang. Standard 'kampong' sekadar bela babi dan makan ala anjing.

Eloklah kita teruskan dengan kerajaan yang ada sekarang dan memperbaiki dari masa ke semasa dari kita memberi peluang kepada pembangkang yang akan merosakkan segalanya mengikut acuan nafsu bongkak sombong pemimpinnya.

Kalau dulu sebahagian rakyat mengundi pembangkang kerana ingin menyampaikan mesej kepada Dolah, tetapi kali ini, selepas Dolah berundur, pembangkang pasti akan tewas di mana mana jua pilihanraya kecil jika inilah gelagat yang mereka pamirkan.

anakbapak said...

BN people are generally more humane and gentlemen. Look at Tun Mahathir, in 22 years he has been accused of so many thing, but NEVER a single time he sue!

Anonymous said...

they cannot sue because what the opposition media is saying the truth la bro...if not surely they'll sue.

if not, why all the news on altantuya, gov private jet and so on is not brought up or sue those bringing up these "lies"

ARI said...

I agree with Rocky. I have long formed an opinion that even Malaysiakini sometimes fumbles in its reporting. If we are ready to criticize mainstream media, we must also be ready to criticize the alternative media. And be criticized! That is freedom of speech.

The point is, there are laws which can be used against us in this country should we step over the set boundary. But with man made laws, there are always ways to get around them. Interested to know further? Maybe this would help:

"The Information Technology Committee of KL Bar is organising a Forum. Below are the important info:-

Title : Forum on Blogging & Defamation Laws

Date : 23rd October 2008
Day : Thursday
Time : 6 pm to 8 pm (But may stretch to 830pm)
Location : Bar Council Auditorium.
Entrance : Free


1. Jeff Ooi (Member of Parliament and Blogger)
2. Foong Cheng Leong (Advocate & Solicitor and Blogger)
3. Nizam Bashir (Advocate & Solicitor and Blogger)

The Forum is open to the public. Feel free to attend. Should you have any enquiry, and wish to book a place to sit, please contact KLBC's Executive Officer, Ms Melissa at melissa@klbar.org.my or at 603-2693 3585"

Anonymous said...

such a crap piece bro! think before u write! no further comments from me as mostly have been said by other commentators..

kereta kebal said...

Hi ashraf,
seems that ramai yang hentam hang sebab defend rocky. well, typical of these people. memperjuangkan hak kebebasan bersuara konon, tapi bila ada yang dia orang tak suka, dia orang hentam lah. hipokrit la tu namanya. kalau aku jadi hang, pi mampus la dia orang ni. dulu masa rocky defend dia orang, semua sanjung, semua puja, le ni rocky cerita yang betul pun, tapi tak memenuhi cita rasa dia orang, semua pakat hentam. Aku ni kerja nst, komputer office pun tak boleh access rockybru, sebab kena block, tu yang aku tulis benda ni kat sini ni. macam hang, rocky and the other responsible bloggers, teruskan perjuangan. kalau ada orang kata hang dengan rocky nak masuk semula nst, buat tak tau je. Najib dah pun ada orang yang akan buat kerja tu. tengok je la nanti.

Ashraf said...

Fareez/A Malaysian/Democrat,

RPK was arrested under ISA because he dwelled into racial issues and blasphemy. And I do agree with the Government's actions. Do you really want me to repeat what was carried in his blog about Prophet Muhammad? Muslims were hurt.

These - raoial issues and the sensitivities of the various religions - are boundaries that you don't cross.

The newspapers were closed during Operasi Lallang for stirring up racial issues. In a multi-racial countries that can be explosive They were warned, just like RPK was, but they continued to do it.

I don't think I want to even answer the points raised by DEMOCRAT.

I know who you are. I chose not to publish your comments.

Omong said...


way to go, Kelong Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Dah lebih 50 tahun Pembangkang tidak dapat peluang jadi PM. Bukan sahaja hati mereka bengkak sebengkak-bengkaknya tetapi menjadi iri hati. Orang yang dah lama kempunan kuasa akan menjadi keliru, meracau dan syok sendiri setiap masa.

Biar Betul

Anonymous said...

"Freedom of speech comes with responsibility. If we can't all collectively use it responsibly, then we'll all collectively lose it. And we're bound to lose more than just freedom of speech." - kelong jimmy

Well done, because you just said Utusan should face the music and answer in court if indeed it believes in responsibility. So far, it has paid no heed at all as it believes being owned by UMNO gives it every right to be racist like the owners.


kluangman said...

Penyokong kuat Hindraf satu pertubuhan haram yang telah diharamkan supaya tak buat perangai haramjadah, DAP membuat laporan polis keatas Utusan berhubung karya Chamil Wiraya.
Hahahahaha...DAP sudah tidak demokratik dalam kebebasan bersuara.
Besok kalau buat kartun pun, DAP buat laporan polis.
Begitu MURAHNYA pembangkang hari ini... agak agaknya mereka dah kekeringan idea dan kekurangan hujah untuk bertembung dengan kebangkitan orang Melayu.

kereta kebal said...

eleh demokrat,
u nak kata utusan racist, u baca itu suratkabar cina la betul-betul. tengok siapa yang racist. kalau tak pandai baca suratkabar cina, jangan nak kata suratkabar melayu racist. suratkabar star yang bosnya MCA tu pun u ingat bagus sangat ke. more than 80 per cent staff star tu cina tau. satu orang melayu pun tak ada jadi editor kanan dia. tak de pun orang kata racist. boleh blah la lu demokrat.

balan said...


Fully agree with you.

There are many here who wants to believe what they want to believe and never thinks before they say anything.

Those who criticise will continue to criticise.

I still have Suara Keadilan (available to pubclic) , which in April front paged report showing how many BN MPs have agreed to cross over complete with breakdown and a table.

They spin even more than the MSM.

Yet people still believe, I just shook my head.

Orang Malaysia (Not melayu) mudah lupa. Someone has been lying since April, yet he is still being supported wholeheartedly and blindly.



Anonymous said...

to macha fareez,

org yg hina islam, hina sirah rasulullah mcm RPK (yg sengal otak (atau dibaca gila babi) memang patut kena ISA. baru tau langit tinggi rendah!!!!!

macha fareez, kalau nak bela RPK pun berpada2 lah!!!!


Anonymous said...


OBT said...

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Anonymous said...

we all have biases. According to Lawrence Kohlberg, our primary attitudes are crystallised by the time we are 14 years of age. Hence, our positive and negative attitudes are largely entrenched - hence our biases.

The most important thing is to acknowledge our biases. And to fight them. And to be as fair as possible


Anonymous said...


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