Monday, October 20, 2008

Mind you Malaysiakini, Najib's not suing!

Malaysiakini has apologised and Najib is not suing. You see the difference between a true leader and the Theresa Koks of the Opposition...

I reproduce here the full Press Statement from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Monday, October 20, 2008
Press Statement from DPM's Office on Malaysiakini's Article.

The internet news portal Malaysiakini yesterday published an email purportedly from a ‘Najib Support Group’ containing a so-called Manifesto supposedly linked to Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak. Without any verification, Malaysiakini has deemed it appropriate to publish the false contents of this email.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s office would like to clarify that Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak has never issued any manifesto to back his bid for the UMNO presidency.

The Malaysiakini report is therefore patently false and misleading. Malaysiakini’s decision to publish the story is extremely unethical as they had failed to verify the matter with the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office prior to publication.

The conduct of Malaysiakini is regrettable and unacceptable. Certainly, it is an unfortunate display of negligence and lack of professionalism in news reporting.

It is important for Malaysiakini to investigate the origin of the malicious e-mail in order for it to clear its name and reputation.

Malaysiakini has apologized to the Deputy Prime Minister on this matter. Nevertheless, it is our hope that Malaysiakini and other news portals, regardless of their editorial policy, will conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.

This false story is the latest move in what is obviously a concerted effort by certain quarters to tarnish the image of the Deputy Prime Minister. Indeed, of late, ever since the UMNO Transition Plan was brought forward to March 2009, there has been a consistent and continuous effort by some websites to concoct and publish false and malicious reports aimed at discrediting the Deputy Prime Minister.

We hope the Malaysian public, in particular readers of these websites are able to distinguish truth from falsehood when reading the materials published.

Deputy Prime Minister’s Office
20th October 2008

Now this is REAL proof that there is a concerted attempt by certain news portals and blogs to discredit Najib. They spread all sorts of lies about him and even called him names - from a cold-blood murderer to a Hindu priest.

Enough is enough. Why don't we just rally behind Najib for the love of our country? He has an uphill task of repairing the damages left behind by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. These are damages never before sustained by the Barisan Nasional in the country's entire 50-year history. And that's not going to be easy.


Anonymous said...

"These are damages never before sustained by the Barisan Nasional in the country's entire 50-year history"
Sorry sir, you are dead wrong because you are looking at the issues from you narrow point of view as well as your race based perspective. The damages are done over the entire 50 years history by the arrogance and greed of UMNO. If you fail to wake up, you can forget about the others and you can go on by yourself. In fact I think it is the aim of UMNO to be able to rule by themaelves without the participation of others, as from the words of the Malacca MB, that UMNO does need the other races to rule Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

a bitch by the name of susan looney went on the offensive based on the false-manifesto.
instead of either shuttin her filthy mouth or saying sorry, the lunatic whore continues her name calling spree.
her target is not onlt Najib, but anyone exzcept for the arse-lover and his group.
dont sit in bangkok n preach bitch, get back here so we cud have a civilised discussion.


Musang Terbang said...

We need to see Najib from difference perspective.

What good for UMNO will never be again Good for the Country!

Najib is not known to Malaysian other than son of Tun Razak the 2nd PM.

Musang Terbang

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashraf!
You are a pathetic sorry excuse for an ex-journo. Malaysiakini was duped by an email and the errant editor who posted the story, retracted it, took full responsibility and resigned. The news team and chief editor apologised. There was no posturing and racist-comments from the editorial team.
In Utusan's case, they went into silent mode and continued to insidiously falsely claim Teresa Kok was anti-azan. Worse, all the mosque committees involved have come out to openly say Teresa Kok was not involved AT all. Utusan did not retract or apologise at all.
How can you compare the two?

I know you are now trying to curry favour but please not at the expense of truth. Like you, I too prefer Najib to Badawi but please remember ethics of the day.


Anonymous said...


jgn marah2 kat si looney anakdara tua di kota bangkok tu!

dia sudah tidak normal krn ketagihanmelancap!!!


DNL said...


kita boeh saman on behalf tak? saman la dalam 1 billion ke boleh gak buat support support nak bertanding PRU 13 nanti.

hahahaa gurau beb. anyway good posting. why not send a copy to teresa? let her know the menatlity of "press freedom" yang dia agungkan tu.

thanks salam dari