Friday, August 22, 2008

The pot calling the kettle black

I have a question for Zorro Unmasked:

Shouldn't Syed Nadzri, the Group Editor of the New Straits Times, my former colleague and my former boss, like all other writers, be entitled to his own opinion?

It looks like these days Syed Nadzri has to write only nice things about the Opposition, at the expense of his own views, to win the hearts of people like Zorro Unmasked.

Bloggers like Zorro Unmasked are so keen of accusing the mainstream media of taking sides and supporting the Barisan Nasional. But what about them? It seems really that many bloggers, Zorro Unmasked included, are biased towards the Opposition in their own postings. So what difference does it make?

A case of the pot calling the kettle black.


Anonymous said...

The bloggers that u referred to are not biased. They are merely expressing their views on how serious the situation had turned into where the mainstream media is bound to 'blare up' one-sided news almost everyday.
It is rather repulsive to some neutral guys like me.
If the BN loses any election, then blame it on the mainstream media and people who are in it.....

Malaccan view said...

If you are BLACK,will remained BLACK.Dont accused others being BLACK when they are WHITE..anyway,guess with your small brain,you wont understand this,that why ,you were being sacked from NST,also because you cant even differentiate BLACK and WHITE.EVIL you consider SAINT..

zollo said...

You calling Zorro Black? i thought he's Chinese !

donplaypuks® said...

Sure, everyone has his/her own agenda, whether writing in the MSM or blogging.

But when a Govt persistently appears to be championing corruption, racism and religious extremism with the ISA & other repressive 'laws' used punitively, and the MSM is either silent on it or seen openly supporting it, then bloggers (for the moment)are the only hope left.

They may not be entirely objective, but you get sufficient width of opinion to make an informed judgement.

And ex-MSM hacks who always talk about 'just reporting the facts' cannot now 'come out' and continue to indulge in spin or skewed blogs. You compound your earlier testicular shrinkage by revealing your true bias.

Professor Shukri said...

Dear Mohd Ashraf Abdullah,

I would suggest that you carefully re-read Syed Nadzri's piece before you blog.

Having read it with a mind as wide open as possible, I could not help but find it rather hollow for an editorial analysis. Syed Nadzri's opening statements are a quick give-away. They ring of either intellectual weakness, or disingenuousness. I am unsurprised that readers like Bernard Khoo (Zorro Unmasked) have been put off, nevermind which side of the political fence one may be on, or whose hearts one attempts to or doesn't attempt to win.

Syed Nadzri appears to place inordinate gravity on the swearing of Saiful Bukhari. It begs the following question, namely, when does the swearing on a holy book overrule, pre-empt or stand superior to standard legal procedure (whether civil or Syariah) of submitting proof, evidence or witnesses in making one's case? When does swearing, on its own, become a reliable lie-detector that resolves the issue of culpability or that can cast a convincing shadow of possible culpability on anyone?

It is on the basis of taking credence to the sworn claim of Saiful Bukhari that Syed Nadzri has composed his piece. This is certainly no foundation for what one would call a balanced editorial.

It is worth reminding journalists or editors of their responsibility in writing; that in the name of truth and fairness and in honour of the pen, the tool of your vocation, set aside religious or political passions that may cloud clarity of thought and tilt your sense of balance, however difficult you may find it to be.

kluangman said...

Saya setuju dengan ulasan dan pendapat tuan, siapa yang makan cili, dia lah yang rasa pedasnya..

fist of asia said...

this country is pretty stuffed up the arse, and the sorry excuses we have for journalists in this country, the ones who are in the Main Stream Media, are basically lapdogs.
don't believe me? go pick up any english paper and prepare to puke at the inane rubbish they publish. off course, you're the type who believes what he sees in the MSM, so i don't blame you.

zorro and other bloggers are entitled to their own opinions, they aren't responsible to the basic journalism code of TRANSPARENT AND UNBIASED reporting, unlike them mediapass carrying journalists who are SUPPOSED to ADHERE to said code..

so wake up, smell the coffee.. its pretty cold now.. the MSM has been one-sided for the past 20odd years, free and independent media is entitled to its own side of the story..

besides, who the fuck believes whats in the MSM these days, anyways?
you do? then you obviously need your brain rewired with some good curry..

Edi神 said...


I would said the Main Stream Media and Government a like has lost their creditbility.

PPL just wont believe what they say or write!

Richard said...

Is there any other way to counter the umno huge machineries, money, power and controlling all the msm?

Bloggers are acting as individual who are just fed up with the umno ruling government (not bn) way of destroying this lovely country.

For goodness sake, be fair. In this situation it is not what you term as "The pot calling the kettle black".

amoker said...

I remember Zorro whacking Kit Siang and various Pakatan boo hoos. He is more like a civil society person than a politician. In fact, his whacking got published in MSM because they like it when bloggers hit their supposedly ally. And you would like it too, presumely from your writting.

WY Kam 甘永元 said...

A news editor that went on to be GENERAL Manager in a Government-linked company. Pfft...Pujangga...balik kampung lah!

Anonymous said...

Cmon, accusations about the MSM "..taking sides and supporting the Barisan Nasional.." are true innit? Bernard Khoo was simply putting in print what most of us web trawlers (and non-trawlers) feel. We dont need some gomen lackey mouthpiece to write things to please us. On the occasions they do, we say 'syabas' because they have the gumption to say the pot is indeed black. Next paycheck notwithstanding...

monsterball said...

Bernard Khoo is a braggart and a man with no principles in life.
I helped him twice and he can betrayed me.
He is blogging to get attention...hoping to be sponsored with a fat fee.
He told me he gets RM1000 per lecture ...and he gives 8-10 lectures per month and his gets a total income of RM18000...per month!
In actual fact...he is getting RM1800.00 per month pension money.
If a man is of that caliber...earning Rm18000.00 per month..he will not talk like an idiot.

doraemon1972 said...

"The bloggers that u referred to are not biased. They are merely expressing their views on how serious the situation had turned into where the mainstream media is bound to 'blare up' one-sided news almost everyday."

Yes they are not biased. They only expressed their views and opinions without the fear of any retribution from the power that be whilst the MSM only report what their master wants.

Anonymous said...

honestly i never knew your blog existed but i would like to salute you for carrying the SAYA ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA banner.
thank you.
your support is very much appreciated.
having said that.....
your remarks on zorro is a little uncalled for.
he was expressing his view on an article written by Syed Nazri.
reading the article, most malaysians would realize that every story has two sides and both these men are merely showing their emotions and views on the matter.
your personal attack on zorro seems to be very ridiculous.

apanama said...

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

The truth in this case is that PKR has become so arrogant that its leaders are demanding and threatening voters for their victory.

The truth is that PKR supporters have turned into rowdy rascals who subscribe to gangsterism in toto.

The undeniable truth is that Anwar Ibrahim is so desperate to become the Prime Minister .. so much so that the 'failed human being' would not stop at anything.

But, as TRUTH HURTS, those who have been sucked in by Anwar Ibrahim and his antics wriggle like worms on a hot-plate.

The mainstream media is surely an easy target for what running dogs like Mullah had done and been doing but pro-Anwar sites are no better.

Infact some news portals are so biased that you could see the slant in the very first paragraph of their reports and analysis.

If you believe Anwar Ibrahim is your saviour, go campaign for him..or even share a bed with him.

Zorro or Robin Hood, if you make sense we could agree with and even support you but it stops when you become another spinmaster.

Go look at yourself in the mirror brother, and ask what is it that you're actually upset about?

Is it in the name of freedom of the press or for anything and everything against the Government?

p/s Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim are ruining this nation. I suspect if they've actually joined forces.

Old Fart said...

My friend. The MSM is licensed to provide the news coverage tht the people in modern society require as part of their daily diet.

In there there is this inherent responsibility to remain impartial and to report the truth.

Not reporting at all, as MSM is often caught in, is as good as lying! Remember Eusoff Chin and Lingam's NZ holidays? You only carried it last year after teh Lingam Video.

When the people entrust the government to do the right thing, we expect you to do the right thing. To report correctly.

In case you don't understand what this means, let me put it another way. Your responsibility to the public is no different from an Engineer of a building or a bridge who designs and then builds and has it certified as fit for use for its purpose. Now, the parents and the children who were in the collapsed schools during the recent China earthquake, trusted the engineers and the builders to do the right thing. They failed. Thousands died!

So you think MSM does not carry such responsibility too?

Fact is MSM has failed.

If tomorrow the Good Lord took over the country and called upon you, the MSM, and asked, "Son, have you faithfully discharged your duties to the people over the reporting of events in Malasyia?" How are you going to respond?

Now, if the continuation of your annual license to publish or broadcast MSM depended on how wellyou have served the people, do you think your license will be renewed by GOD? (Lets forget about man, any man! Because even if PR was to take over and you were confronted with this question and cancellation of your license to publish or broadcast, you will say vendetta and so on.

So lets cut the crap o.k. Zorro did alright. He is also capable of dishing out good as he gives to the opposition. Whereas you guys never.

Maybe Malaysian MSM

Anonymous said...

Zorro is a senile old fart.
Why do waste time even reading his gibberish.

zorro said...

Sir, where did you get the idea that we need Syed to write nice things about the opposition? Leave it to us to whack the opposition. We do, you know!

Anonymous said...

Satu masa dahulu saya rajin juga baca blog si zorro. Lama2 saya muak dan bosan. Hanya maki hamun. Gambar ini dan gambar itu.

Tulisan dia kosong dari segi isi kandung. Dia bukan orang yang menulis berdasarkan fakta, hujah yang jelas dan konsisten, dan analitikal.

Tulisan dia hanya mengkritik apa saja pendirian establishment. Pendiriannya tidak mempunyai justifikasi yang konsisten.

Selalu orang begini, menyimpan benci terhadap mim lal alif ye wau .... itu sebab semua dia kritik

pjboy said...

Nazri can write what he wants and Zorro will boycott NST la. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

my whole family have been reading NST for 50 years oredi.. but we stop reading it for the last 2 years.. So please don't tell me that all the MSM are fair and independant..
There was so many unreported and biased event, SO NST are just "not so true"..
I will continue to boycott, I'll urge everybody to boycott...
hail blogger!!

BigDogDotCom said...

This is typical of Zorro Unmasked, whether in the blogs or in person in real life.

He is a sixty plus overtly opinionated person who simply must be right (that is what he thinks!) all the time.

Look at his blog. For a retired English teacher, he use so much profanities and words unimaginable in open written form. He should be teaching someone like me moral and civility, and not practice otherwise.

Zorro has had several rift amongst, for his narrow-mindedness.

For someone who is supposed to be or at least a HR/people development person, he simply has minimal ethics on reporting or sharing his opinion. Twice, he took a private conversation (or for that matter, argument) between FRIENDS (Again I stress, FRIENDS; in capital letters!) online! Personally, I find it very dangerous to share with him anything, even private matters as he might suddenly publish it with his own personal commentaries in his blog.

Read about it in

One don't (or at least, shouldn't) criticize a friend, in such a way he wrote about Dato' Syed in one's blog. I think there is an unwritten rule somewhere on that one. At least, a 68 year old man who has been around should know that, more than the rest of us.

Once, he wrote to severe my personal relationship with him just because my blog has a "NO to IPCMC" logo on it. Aren't I entitle to my own opinion, in my blog? So why should someone write something like "I don't think I would want to share a table with him anymore", just because the other person choose to have the "NO to IPCMC" on his blog? Would he have liked it if people isolate him just because he has his "Vote PKR" logo on his?

Anyway, congratulations on your blog. Welcome to the club.

Taufiq Khalid said...

But I have not seen a black kettle. I don't get it. Well, at best a little burnt at the bottom, but that's all. Just because you have a black bottom doesn't make you black... Or does it? I think we should hold a forum on this.

Sgt Pedro Gonzales said...

zorro has got nothing but his small time blog to brag about. Just ignore him lah.

I attended a family reception sometime back and this Zorro person was there. While there were some nice media people around, willing enough to do a write up on my family member, Zorro (who is CLEARLY not a family member) gave the media people the cold shoulders reasons only best known to him. So different from what he banters on his small time blog.

He's just one bitter old man with nothing else to look forward too.

My advice..leave him lah. At least aged men like us have got more to life then this Zorro person.

jbguy said...

Hi ashraf,
Its good that u come out with this posting. Honestly I am sick and tired of pompous bloggers like this particular zorro. They think they can just whack anybody and everyone must agree with them. Those who dont agree are considered as lapdogs or stooge or whatever. These people doesnt even really know who Syed Nadzri really is. Simply whack and called him names just because they dont agree with what he wrote. I known Syed for more than 10 years and I know for certain that he is not what these people assumed that he is. He is a REAL journalist. An honourable man. What he wrote is what he honestly think. Syed Nadzri is no lapdog of anybody. Ask any of those former NST ppl who are now on the other side of the fence and I can guareentee you that they will agree with me. Go ask Rocky, Nuraina, Ahmad Talib, Kadir Jasin and who ever else who blog on their own name. Ofcourse not the cowardly annonymous pricks who claimed to be an Ex NST staff now pretending to be championing the just cause. Those who never work in the MSM would find it easy to lambast journalists who doesnt write according to their taste, but they will never understand how hard it is to keep pushing the limits with your arms and legs shackled. Why some of the real journalists stay on? Its because the struggle must continue. Lies and deceptions? Those are the works of those who tried to destroy journalism as a profession in this country. If bloggers like zorro want to fall for it, let them be. Its not journalists' business to educate idiots. Syed and the rest of you still onboard, stay the course, dont give up. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Ashraf and Syed Nazri...I know you guys la. So stop the bullshit and trying to appear holier than thou. Read Bernard's article again and understand what he said. Read Syed Nazri's article and try to understand his path...dont tell me that unbiased editorial.
Also, both sides of the campaign have played it dirty...BN did start it all by being personal. So, let's just see who wins the battle. Personally, anyone would be better than the current crop running this country.
- 'Anak Malaysia yang tak mahu bersumpah'

mode de la shadow said...

isnt it disheartening to see so many ppl expressing their distrust to the govt media?

watever we are seeing today is not a product of mere gossip mongering from the opposition in the internet.

i am non aligned to any political orgs but seriously, i rather listen to anybody but the govt media now.

mode de la shadow said...

oh yeah, i boycotted NST 15 years back. i dont need anybody to tell me that they n the rest of em main streams papers are all crap.

ex student said...

Zorro, a person who eats, breeds, and is making a good fortune in this country but still prefers to hang the flag upside down.

Doesn't matter you are a zorro or a zero, perhaps you should also learn the meaning of a saying, "count the blessing".

I cannot teach you more, as you were once a teacher. Cait, poorah!!!

cendana287 said...

Just dropped in to see your blog, after knowing about in from Rocky's Bru.

We've met once, when you were based in Pahang. It was at a coffeeshop near the MCA hall in Kota Baru in 1996. I forgot what it was you were covering there.

But anyway, good to "be in touch" with people "I once knew" through their blogs.

BTW, I see that you have quite a few `fans' here; "malaccan view" etc :-) Oh, I have my own opinions about NST, Syed Nazri, mainstream media, `some bloggers', your own post here too. BUT another time...

Another BTW: The comment by professor shukri is excellent. One need not agree or disagree, but his manner of putting it is laudable. Something that `a few' here needs to follow.

real masked one said...

Yes indeed, all writters have their biased views , its allowing others their space and views that counts for neutral and unbiased writting..something zorro doesnt have. to people like him, the opposition can do no wrong. and to people like him, no matter what the government does, it is never right.

a gentleman will give credit when credit is due. people like zorro will twist facts to suit his agenda. to him, the govt cant do no right and he makes sure that it is expressed in his blog.

this is what separates the boys and the men. zorro is a boy. an emotional biased old man behaving like an inexpirienced young boy.

ketam said...

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Anonymous said...

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And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

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