Friday, August 29, 2008

Malaysia Today deserves to be shut down!

I agree with the decision of the Multimedia Comission shutting down Malaysia Today. The blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin, has committed blasphemy, a crime no Muslim can tolerate. The site should be shut down for good and Raja Petra should be charged under Syariah laws.

I don't think MCMC or the Government should be on the defensive for their action.

If Raja Petra had made such blasphemous remarks against the Messenger of God in Iran, he would be sentenced to death.


Anonymous said...

I agree. there's a saying if you don't have anything good to say on anything. shut up. Royalty o no royalty, RPK is damaging the image of ths country via his blog. selalu sangat baling batu sembunyi tangan.

Anonymous said...

i concur.

most of his commentators are either chinese or indian and some malays - yg tak tau di untung.

Rocky's Bru said...

Bro, if RPK or Malaysia Today had defaced the Prophet, I am sure the MCMC or Syed Hamid would have spelt out that as the reason for blocking the site. As it is, they only said something to the effect that the site bordered on slander and sedition. Remember the Danish cartoons on the Prophet? That was clearly a case of trying to demean Islam and provoke Muslims. Did RPK or his commenters do that? If yes, let us have the proof. If no, please tell Syed Hamid and the MCMC not to waste anybody's time and unblock the Malaysia Today's site, before their red faces turned purple with extreme embarassment.

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

salam ashraf, good to see you here, bro...

Setuju. Setuju. setuju.


Anonymous said...

Brother, don't be so emnotional abt his blog. Give him the freedom to write what he thinks is right. You can write what you think right too.

fist of asia said...

RPK has the right to say what he wants. This is Malaysia, not effing Iran. Our PM is not the Ayatollah or some Mufti..
Please grow up and read your Holy Book more..
RPK insulted Muslims, not Islam..
If you can't read and understand what is written in English, don't read.

So what is his commentators come from all races? This is Malaysia, we have Malays, Indians, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan etc..
Just because they aren't Malay, they aren't human and don't deserve basic rights is it?

Steve said...

Please remove the 'Bloggers United-No Fear' logo from your site. What you are talking are completely against it.

Kelantanese said...

Where, oh where and how, oh how did RPK do that??

Methinks `someone is' is just desperate for more hits to his `tak laku' blog.

malim said...

I have so much pent up hatred against him that if I were to find him on the road I feel like kicking right into his ugly football head until it has no air in it anymore, have all the pumped up air in that football head of RPK become a flabby smashed football in tatters.

Alas! I am just common guy on the road. Not anyone he has so slanderously defamed and abused on his blog.

Anonymous said...

If he is that sicking or an insult to Muslim .. why don't the muslim make a big issues by protesting la this la macam concert of Avril la .. dangdut Queeen la .. this la that la ..

Fikir la sikit (jika Ada)

Anonymous said...

Please read his article carefully. He DID NOT in ANY way insult Islam. He only angry at his muslim brothers that do not practise real Islam teaching.

Haji Yusof said...

Tak setuju...pembaca dah tahu menilai mana yg betul atau salah...

Hanya si pengecut yang menggunakan kuasa untuk menutup sesuatu.

Haji Yusof


Anonymous said...

Pls go back to the hole you crawled out from. Looking at your details, you are just a corporate dropout. Dare you to publish this!!

donplaypuks® said...

Well, this is M'sia and we would like to believe we are more advanced and progresive than Iran.

So, when the Govt breaks its own laws here, we have a right to protest so that anarchy is not promoted. After all, RPK is being sued for sedition and defamation in our courts. What more does the Minsiter & Govt want. Let due process take place.

But if you think Iran's laws are so wonderful, perhaps you would like to emigrate, live and become a permanent citizen there!

Anonymous said...

So u choose not to work in a larger entity now sure or not?

God Save Us From The Wolves

me said...

Sorry wrong place. This must be losers' site.

Bangsa Malaysia said...

Yet, it is sad that there is still racist remarks over here.

Anonymous said...

Bekas guru,
Setuju 100%
Kita berhak melahirkan pendapat tetapi pada masa yang sama mesti menghormati hak orang lain. Saya pada mulanya merupakan salah seorang peminat totok blog RPK. Tetapi lama kelamaan sikapnya seperti dewa maha mengetahui memualkan hati saya.Apabila membuat tuduhan seolah-olah kebenaran itu menjadi milik abadinya.Dialah pendakwa, dialah juri dan dialah hakim. Mungkin RPK tidak mahu menerima kenyataan ini. Dia merupakan seorang yang berat sebelah.Sesuatu yang dia percaya dan sokong segala apa mengenainya, malah SD yang berdasarkan cakap dengar pihak ketiga dianggap 'the whole truth and nothing but the truth'. Kepada golongan yang bukan 'geng'nya dihentam habis-habisan tanpa belas kasihan, membuka keaiban orang secara leluasa. Sebagai orang Islam berdosa besar membuka keaiban diri dan orang lain!

Anonymous said...

Mana bukti? Senang-senang je fitnah orang... Sebab ni la negara hancur, ramai sangat masih bengong tak sedar kena tipu dengan sampah-sampah UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ash,

Did you get to read the reports of the Auditor General?

Did you notice the wanton waste and squandering of my taxes ?

Can you educate me what would the govt of Iran do to these corrupt scumbugs if it happened in Iran ?

Can you also tell me what Islam says about these people who cheat my hard earned halal money which I pay as taxes without fail every year ?

Can you tell all the ministers,deputy ministers,parliamentary secretaries,director generals and dept heads of these ministeries that have squandered the allocations something similiar to the roar that you have directed at RPK ?

Please say it loud and clearly, for, I am waiting to hear from you/your blog.


Anonymous said...

You will forever be backward if you cannot accept other people's views and if you assume the public is stupid and cannot think for themselves.

Mat Jerman said...

Bro, actions should be based on clear evidence and acted out in accordance with the law or policies.

Now, do we go with you gut instincts to shut it down or do we go to court.

And what about other million or more sites in the net that really deface Islam or are you just like the Government playing selective prosecution?

However, shutting down or not, Malaysian Today is still alive.

Come on la Bro AShraff, if you want to argue, argue constructively la. Site la something that RPK is wrong about, then maybe its acceptable.

If its just gut feeling and pure jealousy, then I guess your site should be blocked and shut down as it encourages acting without thinking.

- Mat Jerman

Anonymous said...

though i respect your views (and that's exactly the point i'm trying to make here), i must say that i'm quite disappointed that a man of your calibre and stature could feel this way. everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when a travesty of justice has been perpetrated, we must stand up for what we believe in. otherwise, what's the point?

Anonymous said...

bro, has he been found guilty on any Federal laws or Shariah laws for that matter? not guilty until proven guilty,remember?

Anonymous said...

Inilah masalah bila dah taksub pd RPK. semua yg RPK buat betul, bila RPK hina Islam, hina junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad SAW (dgn cara siarkan komen-komen anti Islam dlm MT) semua terikut2 menyokong membabi buta.

tak heranlah puak2 ni lebih percaya pd sumpah RM2 seorang drebar cabuk drp sumpah menggunakan nama Allah.

anti RPK

Anonymous said...


RPK tu dah masuk dlm kategori `sengal otak' samalah juga dgn pengikut2nya.....


Anonymous said...

itu pendapat Ash shj..samalah macam RPK pun ada pendapat sendiri..

Theshi said...

No one owns the internets and its content. We cant force everyone to fall into our way of thinking or to agree with us.

Dont agree dont go to that website anymore. Damaging writings? Charge him in court. I thought it was our very own home minister that said that the same laws will be applied to cyberspace.

So why backtracking now to censorship of writen articles?

Remember the term net neutrality? You censor a piece of work and it becomes no better than our newspapers and TV stations I'm afraid.

senyuman said...

saya sokong blognya ditutup..kerana apa, saya lihat dia lebih banyak membuat org melihat kebenaran dari pandangan dia sahaja..dan kebanyakan pembongkaran ceritanya belum tentu benar..ia boleh dikategorikan sebagai berita palsu..kadang2 cara berfikirannya menakutkan, just becoz other muslims dont practice islam as good as they should, he think that he are far more better understanding of islam than nik aziz. dia begitu mendokong kebebasan bersuara, saya juga menyokong kebebasan bersuara tp dtg dgn tanggungjawab. tak kira ada law halang atau tak halang. bg view boleh, tp jgn langgar agama..kalau nk langgar law malaysia tu soal lain, dia harus hadapi tp bila menyampaikan sesuatu yg melanggar hukum Allah secara sengaja atau tak,ia dikira tidak boleh. saya tertarik dgn blogger nuraflah, yg mempersoalkan kebykn blogger lebih mempersoalkan soal hak --> HAK berbanding --> TANGGUNGJAWAB. kdg2 blogger islam menceritakan mengenai hukum islam dan islam secara amnya, tp mereka tidak tau soal ilmu itu pntg dlm penyampaian, suapaya pembaca tidak menyimpang atau salah tafsir. ulama berbeza pandangan, tp bukankah dalam mencapai suatu keputusan dan pemberitahuan perlu disepakati..bukan membabi buta menceritakan atau memberi pndgn..soal lain anda boleh cerita dgn bebas, tp soal agama perlu dtg dgn ilmu.bukn setakat ilmu sirah tp ilmu tafsir, kefahaman yg dalam tntg sesuatu isu. rujuk ulama' dan ilmuwan yg betul. sy risaukan dan selalu kurg yakin dgn penceritaan rpk.kdg2 berbelit dan menimbulkan persoalan. kena[a rpk salu keluarkan statuory declaration. beritahu dahulu bagaimana kita bleh yakin dgn akuan bersumpah itu, sebelum reveal. revealing without explanation and evidence can be considered as lie. i know that law m'sia tidaklah sempurna, tp at least dia perlu hormat kt law tu. sebab kalau dia tidak hormat dan tidak peduli law, ia akn menunjukkan betapa dia sgt ego dan igt dia sgt berani. kalau rpk berada di pihak yg benar juz lalui je proses law itu, kebenaran akan muncul. sy rasa ramai lg sangsi dgn rpk. kdg2 wlpn pndgnnya berpihak kpd opposition, tp cara dan perwatakannya sgt membimbangkan.dia kdgkala bertindak spt seorg yg mengetahui segala2nya dan sentiasa benar.
sy tak sokong hak asasi manusia. sy sokong intipati hak itu selagi berlandaskan islam. equal gender rights sy xsokong. justice sy sokong. hak menukar agama untuk islam juga sy xsokong.ini semua idea barat yg sgt tidak praktikal, mereka igt mereka tuhan dunia menetapkan hukum atau hak org sesuka hati..kita bound to God's law, ajaran dan kepatuhan. mungkin non-muslim tak setuju dgn pndgn saya, tp mereka perlu tahu juga apa itu hak dan tanggungjawab dlm islam. non-muslim juga takkan terpinggir dan ditindas dlm politik islam. PAS patut cerita apa yg mereka perlu tahu mengenai corak pemerintahan islam, jgn cerita hudu, tp ceritakan bagaiman islam bleh menegakkan keadilan, bagaimana hiburan hndk dilaksana. dgn org islam, anda boleh lg ceritakan soal hudud, kerana basically mereka tahu.

Anonymous said...

hi bro.
seriously, rpk's site is great and entertaining reading but that's about all...reading.
when too many people think of it as more and the more noticeable it becomes, jadi besar kepala lah so much so he thinks he's above the law.
i think he deserves it.
no way can u practice such writing in the newspapers or mainstream media be it in malaysia or the most liberal country.

Dr. Asmadi yusof said...

Dear Ashraf abdullah,

I find your need to agree to the standard biased believe of the government, which is the believe that anything that isn’t to their own reasoning is to be condemned or chastised upon, appalling. Hence, I find myself in further contempt of any journalist working for or had worked for in the very, shall we say, umno sodommised history of Malaysia.

I am a double board certified head of cardiology with a specialty in genetics, and in my experience of visiting numerous countries, I had found only those that were of communist decent or of absolute tyrannical rule did the press not condemn the government.

It is of common sense that the press of free nations virtually stood against the government in all sense except for a few. They were for the people and only the people. Unfortunately, that is not the case in Malaysia. For we have people like you to thank, good sir. For without your feral lies, and virtuous need to write what the government wants, we would have never become the Malaysia that you find yourself despicably in love with.

To block Malaysia Today, no matter how maleficent his comments were, is a blasphemous act of tyranny. The internet does not belong to anyone, not me, not you, and NOT THE GOVERMENT OF UMNO!

So must it be said for the case of freedom. Freedom of speech and freedom to write, which per say, you journalist have had no experience of, is not to be deterred, nor can it be deterred by anyone. The more the government suppresses raja Petra, the more invincible he shall become in the eyes of the rakyat. The more they try to condemn Anwar, the stronger he becomes.

This my good sir, is not because of prior prejudices, that we Malaysians have developed among our non bumi friends, it is because virtually all Malaysians, non bumi or not, find the use of Islam by UMNO ( the ridiculous) swearing on the Quran more despicable than any of raja Petra’s comments. After all, raja Petra is not the one ruling the country.

And for all those who believe, that the commentators of raja Petra are either Chinese, Indians, or Malays, yang as I quote tak tahu untung, i have this to say to you idiots, SIAPA UNTUNG kalau UMNO BERMAHARAJALELA? KAU KE? AKU KE? ATAUPUN MELAYU BORNEO, CINA ATAU INDIA? BODOH!!, tiada siapa untung. Hanya UMNO dan anjing anjing nya yang untung.

Please forgive my language, I am not accustomed to it, more so than my freedom to write or say being stolen.

Good day,

Dr. Asmadi yusof MD

Anonymous said...

the government is playing too much politics. you think these UMNO leaders who clai to be muslim realy understand about Islam? they are using Islam to stay in power and enriching themselves.



Anonymous said...

saya dulu peminat tegar MT, tapi sikit demi sikit saya nampak ada something tak betul ngan RPK dan artikel2nya. ini ditambah pula dgn bbrp insiden dia kena PUNKED dan artikel2 yg dia tarik balik kerana menampakkan 'kebodohan' dan penipuan ketara. sejak itu, dah jarang sgt sy bukak MT. sekali sekala jer dan sy tgk pun dah tak ramai komen mcm dulu2. agaknya ramai yg berperasaan spt saya?

RPK n ANU BERAHI tu sama sajaer - pakar putar belit. dan sy tak nak menyokong MT yg jadi hub fitnah.