Friday, November 21, 2008

Forget Altantuya, Najib has a job to do.

I've always thought that it is ridiculous to link Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to the Altantuya murder case.

Now that Abdul Razak Baginda, who was initially accused with the murder but acquitted, has said that Najib and Rosmah don't even know Altantuya and have never met her, I think everyone including the Opposition should drop all the wild accusations against the two.

Najib has an arduous task ahead. To undo the damages done by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to Umno and Barisan Nasional will not be an easy job. BN has hit rock bottom. Never before in the history of Malaysia that the coalition Government performed so badly like it did in the 12th General Election in March 2008.

We should give our full support to Najib to rebuild Umno and Barisan Nasional.


nstman said...

Okay, my friend you have made your point. Okay let Najib finish his job. Stop hounding Najib. In that case the government should also withdraw the sodomy case against Anwar. What say you, my good friend.

Shokor said...

Dear Brother

I'm in FULL SUPPORT for DS Najib and the teams in rebuild back UMNO and BN.

Anonymous said...


trying to get into nst when ashraf goes back in? quite obvious..u and ashraf team up to give dpm najib good words?

ex nst

Anonymous said...

Jejak Pujangga,

You are being too obvious. You have to do better than this. Granted that you are good, but they are others who could be better. Your argument is too simplistic.

How well do you know Razak Baginda? Lets face fact, we dont sometime know ourselves. I will not put down my bet too soon.

The 2 policemen are still on trial. Bala is still on the loose. Let us wait to hear what those two men have to say in their defense. Surely they wouldnt want to go to the gallow by accepting full culpability for the murder.

Razak can say whatever he likes now that the AG had decided not to appeal against his acquittal. He is a free man. He will not suffer double jeorpardy. That should emboldened him to defend his former boss.

You as a journalist, a good journalist if I may say so, should not be putting your reputation as if it is out for sale.

Ur caring colleague

bujai said...


let's not be too sure of anything... not just yet.

najib is on the way to the pinnacle of his politics but there are still obstacles in his way.

another 4 months is the biggest test he may have to undergo.

he was once well-associated with dr m but the news is that, even dr m is not reckoning him anymore.

u know what NST means? - No Such Thing!

cheers! bilo nak jumpo ni?

Anonymous said...

Dear Pujangga, please make sure Najib kick Kali, Hishamuddin bin Aun and their gang inclding Syed Nazri and Manja, out from NSTP. If fail to do so, I am sure Najib will face the same fate as Pah Lah. We in NSTP/BH cannot stand with their hypocrite attitute

Nona Tua Metro

rusdi said...

Bro ...kalau mamam pun jangan lah kasi obvious sangat ..

All the best !

Anonymous said...

i agree. now that razak has said he is not guilty, we should forget the case. out there, there are also people who said anwar is innocent, lets forgive him too. what else? let believe everyone .. as long as it benefits us.

Anonymous said...

Everybody talking about you are NOT comingback to NST. Your name have been rejected by the committee 2 days ago. Golden Hope people discourage your name to be in when somebody doing their feedback finding and final investigations about your background. You have a big problem with Sime Darby. Never mind brother, its not the end of the world.


ex-journo said...

Bro ... kipas kuat nampak? Ini macam kalu, maybe you should change the title of your blog to Angkat Pujangga.

Anonymous said...

Tak update ke?

rusdi mustapha said...

Correct correct correct bro ...najib has a job to do ! But why you doing the Blow Job ?
Thats MY JOB !

rantong said...

Rasulullah pernah berpesan, pada akhir zaman ni, terlalu banyak fitnah berlegar disekeliling umat ku, ikutlah al-Quran dan sunnah, insyallah kita akan selamat. DS.Najib, fitnah sedang mengelilingi kamu. Berhati-hatilah. Mohonlah doa, kerana doa orang-orang yang teraniaya akan terus naik ke langit tanpa hijab.