Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kali oh Kali

Datuk Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan told Bernama yesterday:

"I am also not a director of Efficient E Solutions which I quit on June 21, 2006. I did not get any government contract in my life and am not a shareholder in VPI International," he said in response to allegations by Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), a non-governmental organisation (NGO)".

He said this in a statement denying that he was behind the funding of The Malaysian Insider, a news portal highly critical of the Government and the Monarchy.

But according to Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, the contract was from 2005 to 2010. This means, when the decison to award the imaging and data capture scanning service contract to VPI International Sdn Bhd by the Inland Revenue Board was made, Kalimullah was still a director of Efficient E Solutions.

Efficient E-Solutions then held a 20 per cent stake in VPI International.

I have lifted the following information from APANAMA.

How low can one go?


Anonymous said...

Sdr ashraf,

Please publish my following comment.

"Kali. If you ever cross my path, I will spit in your face. Fuck you, kali."

Anonymous said...

But bro, Kali actually rewarded his friends and machais handsomely.
He made Brenden Pereira and Dato Hishamuddin Aun millionaires.
He promoted Dato Hardev Kaur, Datin Rose Ismail, Sallehuddin Osman, Dato Syed Nazri, Kamarul Idris, Png Hong Kwan, Chandra "Master Conspirator' Segar, Lionel Morais, Lee Ah Chai.
He paid off Dato Ahmad Talib, Rocky, Nuraina to leave NSTP and many others.
Not forgetting others who have also benefitted from him such as Dato Syed Feisal Albab who was actually 'rescued' by Kali and moved to Pos Malaysia!
Whatever you say of Kali, those rewarded and promoted will pray for him for the rest of their lives when he dies.
Even if they die early, their skeletons will still pray for Kali from inside the grave. That's how much these people really love and respect Kali. Hats off to you Dato Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ashraf,

What I do not understand is why does DS Najib not doing anything to get this Kali guy? By not doing anything shows he supports and condone what this Kali guy has done. Please la try and use your influence to advice PM's inner circle to do something about this!

Anonymous said...

TV3 sudah mula dedah cubaan Kalimullah mahu jatuhkan Najib dulu.
Juga jangan lupa cerita KJ dan macai dia gunakan akhbar pembangkang!
Jatuh menjatuhkan pemimpin ni biasa aje dalam dunia politik.
Tapi dapat tipu Najib untuk terus hidup mewah adalah sesuatu yang bijak. Jadi siapa yang bodoh!


Anonymous said...

Bos, TV3 sudah mula dedahkan cubaan Kalimullah untuk jatuhkan Datuk Seri Najib ketika TPM dulu.
Malah bukan Kali sahaja tapi ada juga kumpulan lain yang gunakan akhbar pembangkang untuk jatuhkan Najib ketika itu.
Dalam dunia politik, jatuh-menjatuhkan pempimpin adalah perkara biasa.
Untuk menipu dan terus hidup mewah dan berkuasa ketika Najib kini PM adalah suatu yang bijak dan berani bagi kumpulan ini.
Jadi siapakah yang bodoh?