Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Wong must resign!

There's no two-way about it. Elizabeth Wong, the Parti KeADILAN Rakyat State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan must resign. She is a public figure. It may be legally right for her to be naked around her house, but it is definitely morally wrong.

Her pictures are now available for public viewing. It can be viewed by Malaysians of all ages, people of different cultural and religious backgrounds. It may be acceptable to some, but to most it is not.

Her boyfriend, purportedly a Muslim, took the pictures. This only goes to show that she had consciously, or unconsciously allowed him access to take pictures of her in the nude.

The fact that her boyfriend has been spending time with her alone in her home is an offence under the Syariah Law. Although being a non-Muslim, Wong cannot be charged under Syariah, I am sure she knows that her boyfriend was committing close proximity, a serious offence. However, she allowed it to happen.

She is an elected representative of all races. She has to respect the laws which governs the Muslims. By committing close proximity with her Muslim boyfriend, she had blatantly shown disrespect for Muslims and the Syariah law which they uphold.

How can an elected representative behave in such a manner? Can she be a role model to our young?

Imagine if the situation was reversed. If pictures of a Barisan Nasional Assemblyman or Assemblywoman in a compromising situation were made available to the public, I am sure Wong will be quick to join the chorus of Opposition asking him or her to resign.

PKR should not try and skirt the issue by saying that the entire episode is politically motivated. Such an argument is unacceptable. This is an all-in-the-family affair, almost incestuos, as it involved a PKR party member and PKR Assemblywoman.

PKR should accept the blame.

I call upon Wong to resign as both Exco member and State Assemblywoman of Bukit Lanjan with immediate effect.


Koala Bertanduk Meriam Buluh said...

Nak berita hot? Komen menajam setajam gigi rimau Siberia?

Nak komentar bijak dan analysis yang mendalam?

Senang saja, saudara saudari. Jangan bukak blog bekas tukang pelapor yang lapor cerita lapok lagi tak berpendapat sendiri yang berasas.

Bacalah Tukar Tiub: Blog 'PaNaS meNgeLegaK'.

Kalau takut pedih panas, jangan bukak. Baca kalau berani kat FRU. Kalau takut FRU baca sajalah Rocky's Bru.

Anonymous said...

to tukar tiub,

tak yahlah nak claim blog hang panas menggelegak, kalau citernya semua nak jilat al juburi tu!!


fencesitter said...

Eh ashraf, dia dah resigned pun la. dah pegi overseas pun. sebenarnya kalau ikut aku dia tak payah resign pun. carry on je. dulu dr chua soi lek tu pun, pada aku, tak payah resign. kalau engkau cakap pasal moral, moral tu ada macam2 interpretations. patutnya biarlah public yang tentukan masa pilihanraya. kalau ramai yang kata dia tak bermoral, mesti dia kalah undi punya dan begitulah sebaliknya. siapa lah kita nak judge benda-benda macam ni ikut standard moral kita sendiri. kalau engkau rasa engkau seorang yang bermoral, mungkin ada orang lain kata sebaliknya sebab ikut interpretation moral dia, engkau tu tak bermoral. dalam kes elizabeth wong dan Dr Chua, kalau ikut standard moral aku, yang lebih tak bermoral tu ialah orang yang dok sebar gambar-gambar dan video clip tu. orang yang macam tu patut kena sula je. ya la, tu pendapat aku yang duduk atas pagar politik je la kan. pendapat engkau mungkin lain. tapi, apa-apa hal pun rasanya lebih baik kita tak judged each other ikut masing-masing punya moral standard. in this case biar pengundi yang tentukan sebab elizabeth tu wakil rakyat. kalau rakyat kata dia bermoral, bermoral lah dia dan menang pilihanraya, kalau tak, tak lah dan kalah lah dia. tu je. apa yang berlaku pada dia tu, kalau ikut aku hanya lah hal peribadi yang tak sepatutnya sesiapa gunakan untuk kepentingan politik. kalau sesiapa nak guna untuk kepentingan politik juga kes ni, maka, pada aku la, orang tu samalah hinanya dengan orang yang sebar gambar-gambar tu. begitulah adanya. wallahuallam.

rakyat biasa said...


My question, did you see all the photo?
If don't than shut up. You make me sick.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bukan Elizabeth Wong sahaja mangsa dalam skandal ini. Apa pula isteri lelaki yang mengadakan hubungan sulit bersama Elizabeth.

Mengapa mesti percaya dan juga memilih suami orang?? Kalau takut ombak jangan berumah di-tepi pantai lah!

Kalau lebih berhati2 cerita kehidupan seks
Elizabeth tidak akan di-ketahui umum.

Yang pasti beliau bukan seorang yang racist dalam "memilih" teman.

Anonymous said...

Dear author;

High moral ground...well done!!!

The Watcher said...

It may be legally right for her to be naked around her house, but it is definitely morally wrong.

So tell me, when you take a shower in your house, do you wear a jubah or an abayya? Or you're not a public figure? What about your idols, Rosmah and Najib?

This is why it is easy to observe that UMNO-supporting Malays are mentally retarded!

Muhammad Azli Shukri said...


Hikayat Mamak Bendahara said...

Khairy was in his room one day. His dad called him. His dad told him he must be someone big and help all the rempits. He must employ them so that they don't need to loiter around without any jobs.

Khairy said ok.

2 days after that, his mom called him to talk. She told him that he needs to help the Mamaks/Indians because times are tough, and most of them are extremely poor. His mom cried. She said Samy Vellu is no good.

Khairy said ok. He will kick Samy out.

So, Khairy took out a paper, and he wrote down both of the wishes of his parents.

For the rempits, it is easy, he can start any business and employ them.

For the Indians, oh thats a tough one. Samy is too strong, he will need a revolution to kick him out. Samy is cemented on the MIC president post.

So he thought hard, no way he can work his way up the MIC. And even if he did, he can't employ any rempits, it won't look nice to his fellow brothers in MIC. It would seem like he is more towards his Malay side, than a red-blooded crooked Tamil businessman.

So he he did a bit more research,and he figured out the best way to get Samy is by joining UMNO. That way, he can employ so many rempits, and no one will say anything.

Then he got started lah, with some help from his cousins. The rest is all history.

Here's a photo from the good times