Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morally wrong for Wong to resume duties

It is morally wrong for Elizabeth Wong to resume duties as the State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan and Selangor State Exco member. It is so because, by her own admission, she allowed her boyfriend, a Muslim, to be alone with her at her home, I presume on several occasions.

As a leader, Wong should have known that being alone with her Muslim boyfriend is an offence under the Syariah Law. He was committing khalwat each time and I am she knew it, but she let it happen.

Although, as a non-Muslim she cannot be charged under the Syariah Law, she should lead by example. But what she did points to only one thing - she has no respect for laws governing Muslims in this country.

Her Muslim voters have every right to protest.

And whether this is an invasion of privacy, is debatable. It would be clear cut invasion of policy if a stalker breaks into her house and takes her pictures. But in this case, the boyfriend was a guest, he was in the house with her permission.

Can we tell for sure that he took her pictures without her permission?


wakmempelam said...

Hi Bro,

You are absolutely correct. I for one cant wait for our saviour, Dato Seri Dr Khir Toyo to come back and rule our beloved Selangor D.E.

Shukor Rahman said...

Ashraf, pse stop pontificating and acting like a ulama. I think you are still trapped in your own cocoon of religious extremism. Grow up, man. This is the 21st century, not the fourth century.

Anonymous said...

Haiya apa la lu ni.

Apa citer orang rasuah?

Dua pesalah tapi seorang lepas dan seorang jadi Ketua Menteri.

Ni lawak tahun ni bila UMNO rasuah boleh jadi Ketua Menteri.

Boleh jadi Ketua Pemuda.

Kah kah kah kah kah Luncai.


Anonymous said...

Kau baik sangat ke ashraf.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I agree with you. There is certainly a modicum of truth in your statement that she was an accomplice to the commission by her boyfriend of a crime against the Syariah law.However, wouldn't you agree that a higher law of Islam should prevail - the one that exhorts us to overlook the sins of others?

Mohd Akiva Itzhak

Anonymous said...

yes, Khir toyo is the right man to rule Selangor so that the state's riches can be better distributed to the most deserving people. Elizabeth Wong has been sucking up to greedy developers and approved various high rise projects on hilly land.
Sri Hartamas


Please read here on what happened in Perak! Sila baca di sini mengenai situasi di Perak!

Anonymous said...


Invasion of privacy is a offence.

By this a offence by law,cannot be accepted as evidence in law.

The person who broke the law should be punished not the victim.

Responsible people dont need law,is the people who going behind the law that need law to be enforce.

Lim Kit Sial said...

Anonymous said...

i love you ashraf


Anonymous said...

omg. stfu already. i know out there so many muslims or non muslims alike comitting sins/acts deviant of nature (depending on which book/religion you subscribe). if someone is more than capable, why not let him/her do her job? why the hypocrisy? i know some chap who dun touch babi but drink alcohol despite religion prohibits it. and i know so many including myself have sex despite not being married. so? how? we should quit from our job?

askar melayu said...

Janganlah marah sangat kat Eli. Pengalaman 'luas' nya boleh digunakan untuk mendidik anak-anak kita. Ni zaman moden, berdua-duan luar dari perkahwinan bukannya salah. Christians buat, Muslims pun sama, Hindus & Buddist pun ada juga.

Eli adalah satu-satunya ikon orang muda yang menjadi contoh untuk masyarakat kita menjelang 2020. Janganlah kolot sangat.

Wanita PAS Selangor yang tak nak bersalam dengan lelaki tu pun sokong siapalah kita yang jahil ni.

Tok Guru pun tak cakap apa.

Anonymous said...


geli tengok bulu ketiak eli yg tak habis cukur tu! perut eli lak tak ubah mcm biawak mengandung.