Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why the need for Sime Darby to buy into IJN?

I am confused, just like millions of other Malaysians, I am sure. What is the actual Cabinet decision pertaining to the Sime Darby Berhad-Institut Jantung Negara issue? The earlier statement says that the Cabinet has agreed in principle to begin discussions with Sime Darby which has shown an interest in "buying" IJN.

However, in its statement to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, Sime Darby said it is eyeing "a stake" in IJN.

So has there been a change of mind? Did the public outcry influence this change.

But the real story remains much stake is Sime Darby seeking to buy? Is it 51%? Could it be 99.9%?

No doubt Sime Darby is a GLC, but it is a profit-making entity. Will it not be tempted to make profits out of the ordinary people if it takes over IJN?

There have been many horror stories about private hospitals, including Subang Jaya Medical Centre which is owned by Sime Darby. They have even refused to accept seriously injured accident victims simply because they were unable to pay a deposit.

I don't really see a logic in the Government's decision to sell IJN to Sime Darby. IJN has been performing well as the country's No 1 heart hospital. It is renowned throughout the world.

As we know, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad founded IJN in 1992. He went through two bypass surgeries there.


Unknown said...

perhaps it is a favour returned to someone

has to be done before paklah steps down

the health and medical industry is a potential money maker

Zukri Valenteno said...

Bro Ashraf,

This is more than a golden handshake, for it is a golden heart-shake!

Maybe Omong is right here, this could be an opportunity for some crony to make some dough...

Money talks Bro, bullshit walks

Mergong, Alor Setar